We have the following services for free or a small fee for the service.

Photocopy                                     .10 cents a page for black and white copies
                                                      .50 cents a page for color copies

Scan Service   and E-mailing         .10 cents per page

Fax                                                 $1.00 first page and  .50 cents a page after 1st page/We do not receive faxes for individuals

Laminating 8x11 sheets, .50 cents a sheet, larger items, .75 cents a foot.

Disc Cleaning $1.00 per disc (DVD, CD, etc.)

Computer                                      - Free Internet                      - Free Wi-Fi

                                                      - Word Processing, Database, Spreadsheet, and Power Point capiblities

                                                      - .10 cents per page for a black and white printout, .50 cents for color

Newspapers                                  Free Access to Baldwin BulletinNew Richmond News, and Hudson Star Observer